Father's Advice to his Son

Father's Advice to his Son

Father's Advice to his Son

I believe that what we become depends on what our fathers teach us at odd moments, when they aren't trying to teach us. We are formed by little scraps of wisdom.

Fathers, the source of wisdom, have the unique ability to give the best advice through their actions, words and even their silence! To be a father means to be a role model for your sons and daughters; to be their inspiration. However, since fathers' advice plays a central role in the lives of their sons, I decided to share with you the advice of my father to me.  

"What happened in the past is for the past. The present is a new beginning"

What's done is done. The past is nothing but an experience to learn from; never sink in the mistakes of the past because if you do, you will remain forever there; unless you change your way of thinking. The present and future must be on the top of your ladder of priorities. Whoever thinks of the futures in  terms of his/her past, will never step forward in life. Be careful son and enjoy the moment.

"Love is a verb not a noun"

Whenever that moment comes when you are unaware of everything; the time, surroundings, and . . . etc when you are with the person you love, it is the right time to prove your love by ACTIONS not only words! Actions are more powerful than words. Love needs to be shown not told. Everybody can say "I love you", but not everybody can prove it; always remember this Arabic proverb, "there is no tax on words." Love to be loved; when you are loved, the whole world becomes incapable of containing your happiness.

"Do not take decisions when you are angry. Do not give promises when you are happy"

Anger blinds you and makes you see only the empty part of the cup. You will regret all the decisions you take while you were angry. The best thing to do is to give yourself a space to calm down and think then give a decision. On the other hand, when you are happy, you heart dominates you, so you will give promises without even thinking which is catastrophic! My son, it is important to strike a balance between your heart and mind because they compliment each other and do not be heartless nor mindless. Be well-balanced.

"Save some money for a rainy day"

You should always set up financial backup plans because life does not always go the way we want and because the future is never predictable. If you do so, you will always find the basement block to raise your building again.

"No one has ever become poor by giving"

Good deeds always pay off. There is nothing in the world better than seeing the smile of somebody you helped. When you help others, you will become happier and satisfied about yourself; you will become a source of joy for a big number of people who will look up to you.

"Laugh to make the whole world laugh with you"

I left this advice for the end because it is the most important advice for you my dear son. It is time to leave everything behind your back and laugh; "when you laugh the whole world laughs with you"; when you laugh your life changes. It becomes more fruitful. When you laugh,you will become optimistic; you will become successful and everybody will look up to you and see you as a role model; you will become their source of inspiration.

Oh My Son! I do not know how I turned 70 and how the white hair has invaded my head; it was so fast. . . I want to tell you that life goes faster when you grow older; you will reach a moment when you are unable to realize the time. that time when you are always busy. My son, it is significant to build a quality basement to live happily forever .

Thank you father for being the source of inspiration <3 I trust your advice and believe that they pave the way for a fruitful future.

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