What does it feel to graduate college?

How does it feel to graduate college?

What does it feel to graduate college?

Let me tell you about the exact moment it hits you that you are officially OUT, in a positive sense. The moment you walk in the row with your classmates during the past insane 4 years wearing the same outfit, the cap and the gown, is when all of this arises. Your proud loving parents and the crowd are there witnessing the end of the journey as guests in your prosperous place. All the lights are targeting you.  In every step you walk towards the platform, there is a story worth telling and living. You hear nothing but the entrance music that plays the moments you've been stressed out in the sleepless nights, overwhelmed with happiness with people who are exactly like you despite the differences, drown in the ink you wrote your future self with and falling in and out of love with life at some point. The cameras are facing you with the truth: The goose-bumps you feel right now means two opposite things: First, overnight, all of this becomes a memory to be captured in one photo. Second, there is a potent reason for being proud of yourself now! Congratulations!
Whoever you are, wherever you are, now you get to leave all that behind and encounter the real version of life! This is how it feels to graduate college; to wake up the next morning as an adult with responsibilities and new authorities, to have to decide. Graduation is about ending the "adult childhood" stage and stepping out of the bubble; it is true that the paper epic in your room is put to an end, and the 8 am classes are in the past, but the question is: are you ready for the dramatic change after taking off that cap? Let's see.  
Well, it is as simple as this: If you don't have a plan, then you are definitely not ready. SET A PLAN in mind now so you can practice it once you feel desperate or jaded for having no commitments all of a sudden. Keeping all your time busy is the way to be healed and to fill the space the college leaves. That does not mean to be workaholic though; it means setting new goals with new tasks and carving new memories. It is called "life". This period of discovery can lead you to a new glamor if you follow a plan that your heart sets; a plan for a new ride because real happiness lies in the journey.
Done with all the emotional part? Let's be practical now.

Here are some Tips For New Graduates: 

"Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking." William Butler

Get going and search for a job TODAY! Don't wait until your flame is extinguished. Apply everywhere. It never hurts to apply; it grants you the experience of the job application and interviewing process so you are fully ready when the right job comes along.  In addition, be prepared beforehand so you can have options later on. This is done through building a network of people from various places, club events, university programs, charity institutes and so. This advice is not only addressed to recent graduates but even to freshmen students. The earlier you are, the more opportunities you can hunt.

"Your Résumé is your first impression"

Your resume should answer the question of "why should we hire YOU?" First, you should make it visually appealing so it can be read! Second, define your objectives. The more focused and personalized it is, the more effective the examiner finds it. State a brief statement of the position desired or mention the job title you are looking for. Third, check it with an expert! Consult someone who can make your experience shine and who can put it to work; an expert who knows how to express even the tiniest skill or activity you had. Let it land you an interview.

"Learn to Serve"

Serving your community using your education makes you feel a significant part of it. It makes you feel alive, active and dynamic, and it gives you a sense of accomplishment, thus you feel yourself central. Impact other people's life to impact your life in return. Feel the others and be the voice to the voiceless. Look up and away from your smart phone and listen to people's needs. Widen your perspective, know your world and be influential. Serving the community and helping people ease the way of creating connection with new people and dealing with remarkable figures such as intellectuals, scientists and etc. On the top of this is the priceless idea of the ability to make a difference and to give the community that has been always giving you. Always remember Khalil Gibran's saying, “I slept and I dreamed that life is all joy. I woke and I saw that life is all service. I served and I saw that service is joy.”

The Golden Tip: Trust your guts and do what makes you happy

You may be thinking that this is the most serious phase in your life. Well, it is, and that is why you should perfect it based on something you can trust. Now is the time to be what you wanted to be as a kid. That voice inside you is never silenced; it is only suppressed. Let it be load and listen to it carefully with your heart; that voice that visits you before you sleep, when you are stuck in traffic, or when you see an old friend. Pursue your dream; whether in terms of work or daily life. Fill your day with the colors that define you. Set your aim and do what you are good at, what makes you feel ecstatic. Only by doing what you love you would feel home again. It is never too late to be a painter besides being an architect; this hobby can make you perfect your profession! Nor it is late to travel to Brazil! It is even the time to work as a chef if that what you wanted to do! Do not contain yourself to just one aspect and one body; but be careful, don't lack direction. Let your wings work together so you can fly safely. Finally, do it while young! Do not let the world decide your path. Trust and only trust the whispers of your heart.

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