Do Hardships Really Make Us?

 Rana at a very young age, after her father and mother traveled to Jordan had to take a very tough responsibility which she had to take care of the household and at the same time she had to keep up with her studies. She was exposed to many difficulties and hardships, but thankfully she managed to bear and survive them because she believed that hardships are what mold our personalities, what make us better and stronger people and believed that "what does not kill us [ALWAYS] makes us stronger".

We at JustPost were inspired by Rana's story and how she managed to be responsible for the family along with her studies at a very young age. We hope that Rana implants inspiration in your souls inspiration and motivation exactly as how she did with ours. Thank you Rana!

Hardships are what make us

Hardships are What Makes us

What on earth could make any girl a reliable and well-trusted person? Is it her being a hard worker in her studies, or is it the way her family has brought her up? May be it is the different experiences she endured throughout her life or an innate sense of responsibility that she cannot have only by experience. Once in my life, I went through this kind of experience and here is my story.

I am an elder girl who lives with my abroad-working father, my devoted mother, and my three lovely brothers. A loyal and faithful family in which I can find the harmonic melody being played in the gentle relations between me and my family. I think it is a blessing to be a member in a family that gives me all my needs. But in the same time it makes me realize the worth of this life and how much I should work hard to achieve my aims in order to be respected by people around me.

My family is not like other families here in Hebron. My father has his own business in Jordan, and he comes to visit us once every two months. My relationship with him is so intimate and durable. It was like a pistol shot struck me when I heard the news of the departure of my adorable prince. I couldn’t help thinking of him not biding me good morning with a gentle kiss on the forehead every single day. Or even not making fun of me on the silly and naïve things I used to do. Although weeks and months were enough to get used to my life without him, I actually trapped in that new and strange lifestyle. In fact, the presence of my father among us had a unique effect on our spirit. He was the one who would gather us on one table, and would be so hooked by his talks and jokes. So, after he left the home every one of us would be isolated in his/her room. Not talking to each other, not sharing any kind of experience. Unfortunately, our life turned very boring and dull.

However, looking at the positive side, I still had my beautiful princess. She is now the one who takes care of her four children. I couldn’t imagine myself living without this immense river of affection and love, not even a single day. This source of this ever-lasting tender takes care of every detail of me and my three brothers. Now, she is the one who rides my brothers to school daily and afford all the house burdens. I really discovered that my mother is a responsible and self-sufficient woman who knows the how to manage her time in taking care of her children and in the same time is strong to support herself in doing so.

It was a foggy morning when my mother came to me saying confidently, “get up you lazy girl. You have piles of things to handle from now on.” I had no idea what she was talking about till I got up and saw a huge suitcase standing next to the door. Yes! My mother was leaving me too. She was going to stay with my father for a month, a whole month, a never-ending month.

I couldn’t help thinking of myself getting up very early in the morning and taking care of my little brother, preparing the breakfast, and then going to the university, after I used to count on my mother doing all of these things. Now I am in the position of my mother. a position that I never dreamed to be at.

At the beginning I was very confused and lost. I faced many difficulties in dealing with problems and copping with this new situation. But as days passed by, I started to make a progress in managing my time between studying and house working. My way of dealing with problems seemed so matured. Day after day I was greatly astonished to find myself acting like a fully grown up person. Surely enough that what made me realize that it does not matter how smart and clever in school I am. It does not matter if I can solve math problems easily, or if I always get an A in my exams. All of these things make no difference when you are put in a situation of responsibility, and you have to stimulate with different kinds of issues like adults. Eventually, I believed that having this sense of responsibility pushed me to lead, to solve problems, and even more to make a huge difference in my life.

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