Happy Birthday, An Emotional Commemorative Speech to his Handicapped Brother

Hassan has just turned 24 years today. He is a person with special needs. Despite his disability, he is a source of inspiration to his younger brother. Thus, his brother would love to commemorate his brother at this occasion.

And we at JustPost would like to share this inspirational speech with all of you, and we wish Hassan a Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday, An Emotional Commemorative Speech to his Handicapped Brother

Disability is not about the inability to move, but it is about the inability to live, to love, and to give. 

Exactly twenty four years ago, doctors said, “This person will not live longer than twelve years”, but their claim is a lie because today we celebrate his 24th birthday. This person faced and is still facing the phantom of death daily; from the moment he wakes up, until he goes to sleep. He was able to fight his disability and to make it until today. A person with special needs. This is my brother who is mentally and physically disabled, Hassan. 

His journey in life was tough. He had undergone nine surgeries, before reaching the age of 15. But all of this did not stop him from enjoying the slightest thing in his life; did not stop him from being a lovely brother, a brother that his eyes flash with hope and passion. 

Hassan, every Thursday evening whines for my mother and makes certain signs with his shaky hands to persuade her to cook Maqlooba (a traditional dish from the Levant) for him Friday. He maybe loves Maqlooba more than me. When Friday comes, he refuses to eat until all the family members gather on the table. Then, he starts distributing kisses to all of us. 

I remember that day when I shut his eyes to surprise him with the new electric wheelchair that dad brought him. When I lifted up my hands, the tears started sliding over his cheeks out of happiness. Since then, the wheelchair has become a source of joy to him. The tie between him and the wheel chair is like the tie between a mother and her baby. This chair that he refuses to share with anybody, he rebukes anyone who touches it or even thinks to. It is not out of selfishness. It is because he enjoys pressing its buttons, and enjoys moving around everywhere every day. This wheelchair opened the gate of the outer world to him. 

However, small things do not mean anything to anybody, but for him they mean the world. For example, He only speaks 3 words “Baba, Mama, and Tata” to refer to everybody. As much as he enjoys saying these words, he made his own song that he repeats over and over all day and night. 

he is the person who shares his meals with his classmates. The person who daily brings from school candy to his younger sister. The person who cares for his family more than himself. 

That guy is more than a brother to me. He is the one who enlightens our life. Thank you for teaching me that disability is not about the inability to move nor to speak, but it is about the inability to live, to love, and to give. Thank you for teaching me that happiness is not about how much you have, but it is about how much you enjoy and appreciate what you have; a deadly beginning that turned out to be a fruitful life. 

Happy Birthday,

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