Great Wise Saying by A Great Arab Writer- Najib Mahfouz

Great Wise Saying by A Great Arab Writer- Najib Mahfouz

Wise Sayings by the winner of Nobel for Literature prize and one of the greatest Arab writers of all times, Najib Mahfouz

Naguib Mahfouz, 1911-2006, is an Egyptian novelist and screenplay writer. He is one of the most influential Arab writers in the 20th century. He published his first novel in 1939 and published ten more directly after. One of his famous writing is his trilogy, Bayn al Qasrayn, Qasr al Shawq, Sukkariya (Between-the-Palaces, Palace of Longing, Sugarhouse) which enhanced his reputation in the Arab World in 1957. Mahfouz won The Nobel Prize for Literature 1988 to be the first Arab to win it.
We at JustPost were inspired by his writings, so we had to select and translate a number of his most prominent quotes to share it with you. We hope that Naguib Mahfouz writings pave the way to a happier life to all of us. 


“Fear does not prevent you from dying, but it prevents you from living”
Enjoy every moment of your life and get rid of any obstacles preventing you from enjoying life like fear; it does not prevent death, but it is an obstacle blocking joy from entering your life.

Nothing is more miserable than bad luck except coping with it
Bad luck? We all have some of these moments in our lives, but our role is not to accept nor to satisfy with it. Our role is to change this situations into a better one.

I would only warn you of one enemy: Desperation
Desperation is our biggest enemy and the greatest obstacles on the way to success.


Nothing deserves grief, leave it for the idiots.
The weak is a stupid person who does not recognize the secret of his strength. We all have the potential. We’re all strong, but it is fact that not all of us know their strength and that is what differentiates successful people from others. 

Nothing deserves grief, leave it for the idiots.
Life is so short to be unhappy. Enjoy every moment of your live and leave melancholy aside.

Who carries the worries of the past, stumbles and falls
One of the biggest mistakes one can do is to dwell in the past because that past is a heavy burden to be carried. Dwelling in the past will stop you from taking any step forward in your life, so live the moment and enjoy it!

There is no happiness without dignity.
It is an equation; happiness cannot be found without the presence of dignity. Dignity is a basic human right that makes people feel respected, appreciated and connected to others around them. No dignity, no happiness!

Significant events happen suddenly without any prior notice.
That does not mean stop working, but it means to continue working hard because great things come at unexpected moments while working hard. Who knows?

Surrendering to the predestination encourages it to continue tyranny.
It is true that we must believe in fate, but that mustn’t make us surrender to it. Remember that what you plant, you reap.

Sacrifice should be inspired by faith not only by reason
This quote can be summarized by Napoleon Hill most famous quotes, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Conceiving and believing are keys to success.

Memories fall like rain; it has always been so, and your mission is to create a pure stream out of it.
There is hope everywhere even in the darkest places. HOPE means Hold On Pain Ends.

Submission is the greatest sin out of all.
Well, never give up nor give in; that is all.

Grief does not come to your house without an invitation.
We, ourselves, are the only responsible for our condition. Grief and Joy are decision. Whether to be happy or sad, it is your choice!

Note: These quotes were translated from the Arabic language by JustPost team. If you want to share them, please mention the source.
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