Why we have to avoid being a half by Khalil Jubran

Jubran Khalil Jubran (1883-1931) Philosophical essayist, novelist, poet and artist. He wrote The Prophet, a book of poetic essays that achieved cult status among American youth. He wrote in two languages; English and Arabic. The fame of his writings is not only limited to one language, he is famous by his Arabic writings as well as his English ones. For more information about his life and works, check his Biography.

We at JustPost were amazed by the great writings of Jubran, so we selected and translated an excerpt from his writings to share with you. We also translated wisdom saying from one of the greatest Arab writers Najib Mahfouz (you can check by clicking on the name of the author). We hope that Jubran inspires you to live a whole life. Enjoy!

Why we have to avoid being a half by Khalil Jubran

The constructive power of the other half

Do not sit with half lovers; do not befriend with half friends; do not read for half talented; do not live a half life; do not die a half death, do not choose half solutions; do not settle in the half of the truth; do not dream half dreams nor hang on half hopes. 

When you are silent, remain silent to the end; when you talk, talk until you finish; do not be silent to talk nor talk to be silent.

When you are satisfied express your satisfaction; do not fake half satisfaction; when you deny, express your denial because half a denial is an acceptance.

The half is a life you did not live; it is a word you did not say; it is a smile you postponed; it is a love you did not reach; it is a friendship you did not know.

The half is what makes you stranger to the closet people to you because you do not who you are; the half is to do not know who you really are. Whom you love is not your other half but is you in a different place at the same time.

Half a drink will not quench your thirst; half a meal will not feed your hunger; half a way will lead you to nowhere; half an idea will not give you a result. 

The half is a moment of helplessness when you are not helpless because you are not a half human being; you are a human being; you were created to live a whole life not half a life.

Human beings are not what they show, but they are what they are unable to show, so if you really want to know someone, do not listen to what they say but to what they do not say.

The time has come to live a whole life, hasn't it?

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