Commemorating Steve Jobs After 5 Years of His death

We at JustPost would like to share with you a commemoration of  Steve Jobs after 5 years of his death who passed away on the 5th of October 2011.

JustPost Commemorates Steve Jobs After 5 Years of His death

Looking back to the early life he had lived with all the obstacles and struggles, you would have thought of a man who was born poor and will die poor. But, with his determination, creativity, optimism, and his love to life he became one of the most successful and richest men on earth. Steve Jobs as he has been called the visionary founder and leader of Apple computers, a giant in business technology and entertainment has been such an inspiration to many people. I personally admire Steve not only for what he said, or what he did but also for what he stood for.

“Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith”. A quote that he himself said will tell the story of man who determined to succeed, a man whose parents abandoned him and put him up for adoption. A man who bought his food by collecting coke bottles for 5 cents, a man who slept on the floor in his friend’s dorm room just because he could only afford the tuition of his college. He loved to learn. Yet, he dropped out the required classes and dropped in only the classes that interested him. Steve showed a lot of interest in electronics. Saying that: “I have to trust in something”, and he did. And that’s all what made all the difference in his life. At the age of only 21, he and his friend Wozniac worked hard in Jobs’ family garage to come up with first personal computer. Ten years later, Steve was forced to resign from Apple claiming that Steve was hurting Apple. Well, it takes courage and strength when something devastating in life happens to start over again. Steve did not give up; instead he picked himself up quickly and started a new company “Next”. Moreover, he took over “Pixar” and changed animations in 3D. Later, he returned to Apple and put it back on track and changed its stock from 2 billion to 306 billon.

Steve’s brilliance, passion, and energy improved and enriched our lives. Making the personal computer was only the beginning. Steve never expected the merely good. He only accepted the great or as he call it “insanely great”. He pushed himself incredibly hard. Steve did so many amazing things and the simplicity and creativity of the stylish designs caught our eyes. With the ipod and itunes, Steve reminds us with our love to music. Ipod, with this amazing little device which can hold thousand songs he changed the way we listen to music. He kept coming with new things. With the iphone where so many people cannot imagine their lives without, the phone became not only for making calls. Music, video, camera, instant messenger and apps are all now in one device. Continuing with the Ipad, he brought the world a lot closer together and puts us in a virtual world using only our fingertips.

In 2003, Steve was diagnosed with the pancreatic cancer, he refused the chemotherapy. His love for life stayed strong. Later, his body grew frail and unfortunately, on October 5th 2011, the genius passed away after eight years of battling with pancreatic cancer. People all over the world have been moved by his passing. He leaves us with many accomplishments he had come across his life. Steve literally changed the way we live our lives every day. He fought life, he loved to give, he challenged the hard, and he demanded excellence in everything. I learned from him. I learned from his determination passion, simplicity, and faith.

Towards the end of one’s life, the appreciation from others really adds up and that’s why I want to be grateful to him for being such an inspiration to me. Steve jobs you’ll be an inspiration for many generations to come and your legacy will be here and for a long.

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